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The term window well covers means a lot especially when it comes to modern day building codes. Unlike in the past home owners and contractors are now required by law to fit in emergency exits or windows with window wells to ensure that occupants can leave a house promptly during an emergency and rescuers can also access the house without much trouble. With a satisfactory set of window wells, one can then proceed to securing them and ensuring that they serve their purpose without any deterrence or interference.

To achieve this most efficiently the covers have been widely adopted in most building projects not only to protect the wells but also to enhance the overall look of the entire house at all times. These covers are characterized by many features, benefits and requirements that must be adhered to if they are to solve the exposed well problem efficiently and satisfactorily at all times. The following are a few basic facts that one should be aware of regarding these structures.


Window well covers come in many different types. They are mainly grouped in terms of designs, materials used and even construction.

Designs and construction

Some of the most common type’s covers include the popular custom made covers. These covers are made by a professional by first taking exact measurements of a particular well and the preferences of the home owner before proceeding to make an appropriate cover. Other types of covers include the popular classic cover which is made using the popular inner fit design notable for strength and stability. The grate type covers are also widely used by most contractors. These covers are designed with a flat lying grate that keeps off large objects or animals including small children from falling into the window well.

Materials used

Although this a relatively new trend in the building industry manufacturers have endeavored to come up with different materials that achieve the roles of the covers perfectly. These include light materials such as plastic which comes in many forms shapes and sizes to cater for a wide range tastes and preferences. Other materials include the popular polycarbonate which is clear and is regarded as the ideal material given its strength and sturdiness. The Plexiglas is another popular heavy duty material that has been experiencing growing popularity in recent years. With any of these materials one can rest assured that their cover not only passes in as much light as possible but also meets other strength and stability standards.


Popular Benefits of window well covers

The most obvious benefit offered by these structures is protection. Given the fact that the wells are actually open holes they tend to accumulate lots of undesirable debris and litter over time. Additionally most window wells tend to be overgrown with weeds, grass and even flood water which can even seep into the house. To avoid such a scenario a foolproof cover is used. Safety is also another benefit offered by these covers. In most cases small children or pets may fall into these holes causing injuries. A related benefit that comes with these covers is increased security. In most cases covers are usually fitted very tightly using very strong materials to ensure that they keep off unwanted intruders such as burglars and thieves. Another striking benefit includes their complimentary nature that usually tends to transform even the dullest of houses. These covers when carefully chosen and designed can actually help improve the overall aesthetic features of the entire house without one having to invest in expensive remodeling projects. While looking to off load a house into the market, these covers should not be overlooked as they can greatly enhance the value of the house.


While looking to enjoy all the benefits offered by a good cover, one should ensure that they meet several features and requirements at all times. For example covers should always be designed and modeled to fit in with the rest of the house. Since they tend to feature on the outside these covers can actually make a great difference on the overall look of the house. Other features that one should look out for include the covers ability to pass light through. Since window well covers are usually fitted on basements where little or no light tend to penetrate, they should be as illuminating as possible so as to add life to these parts of the house. The covers strength and stability is another important feature that one should always take into consideration. In most cases these covers can serve as an important prop for an individual escaping from an emergency situation and as such should hold their weight at all times. To achieve this, a cover should be made from appropriate materials such as strong steel or aluminum especially on the side railings.