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A window well cover is a very important part of any building as it not only serves as a great protection and safety feature but also helps in maintaining a great looking house at all times. When the window well is constructed as per the requirements with most building codes across the country the covers tend to be fitted on depending on the individuals particular tastes and preferences.

However regardless of which color, design or even construction one would prefer for their cover there are a few factors that should always be taken into consideration for best results. This checklist touches on a wide range of important tips that can actually go along way not only in guarantee the efficiency of a window well but also in the overall look and feel of the entire house. The following are just a few of these important tips that one can use for a truly productive cover shopping outing.



One of the most important roles of the window wells is ensuring that light gets into the otherwise lowly illuminated places such as the basement. To further achieve this purpose the window well cover should always be made from a material that passes through as much light as possible. Popularly used materials that pass this test include glass, plastic and polycarbonate among others.


Some areas tend to experience extreme weather conditions that can terribly impact on the overall effectiveness of a cover. For example during winter a cover may buckle under the weight of all the snow that tends to accumulate on it. To avoid such instances one should use an appropriate material and ensure that the cover is cleared as regularly as possible.


The size of the actual well being covered can largely affect how one ends up making this purchase. To avoid going wrong one should therefore always avoid estimations and actually get a professional to measure out the wells dimensions so as to get the appropriate size of the cover for best results.

Design and shape of the well

To ensure that the window well cover chosen actually fit right with the rest of the structure and indeed the entire house one should always ensure that they take the windows measurements, shape and design into consideration. Other factors that one should consider include the color theme of their house to ensure that these covers compliment a home’s external look at all times.