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Although window well covers are regarded as accessories as opposed to being a man part of the homes designs their benefits cannot be understated. These covers tend to compliment the important window wells that are legal building code requirements in most states. With an appropriate and functional cover most people enjoy more safety, protection and a great looking home at all times. However to keep enjoying these benefits there are a few key features that any cover worth its salt should always posses.

Although these features vary widely depending on the particular manufacturer’s code or standards they all tend to serve a particular purpose that cannot be overlooked. Whether one is looking to install plastic, polycarbonate or glass covers they should always ensure that their cover of choice meets these simple and basic standards. The following are common feature that any great cover should posses in order to satisfactorily serve its purpose.



No one single well is the same exact size shape or design as any other and as such one should never just buy covers off the shelf. While shopping for the appropriate cover it is important to take exact measurements and have a professional create an appropriate cover that perfectly suits both the well and the entire house. In most cases dealers in these covers tend to offer a wide range of custom made options that are bound to capture anyone’s imagination no matter how capricious. With a custom made cover one can actually factor in many issues such as the look of the house, the purpose of the window and the exact fit of the cover for a more satisfactory purchase.

Allows in light

Window well covers tend to cover wells whose main purpose is to allow in as much light as possible especially in particularly darker areas such as the basement. To ensure that the covers in no way interfere with this goal one should ensure that they come in a translucent or clear material. Commonly used materials for this purpose include plastics, glass or other heavy duty materials such as Plexiglas and polycarbonate. Moreover one can also chooses to use a tinted or glossy material mainly for privacy purposes without reducing the amount of light that gets into the house. Regardless of one’s preference in design or style this feature cannot be compromised if they are to fully enjoy the benefits that come with these structures.


The escape bars and railings that are part of the covers should also be strong and sturdy. In most cases manufacturers use strong materials that are also rust resistant’s such as strong aluminum or stainless steel. This is to ensure that one gets sufficient support especially while escaping from a house during an emergency such as a fire. Where a window extends beyond the actual window well appropriate tough railings should also be used to ensure that one gets enough support at all times especially during emergencies.

Should fit in

Given the fact that a well cover is on the outside of the house thus being an important part of its entire outlook it should fit right in. Therefore one should choose an appropriate design; color and shape that compliment the rest of the house at all times. In some extreme cases a badly fitted cover can actually affect the houses resell value in the long run.

Window well covers are actually an important part of the house and as such should be taken very seriously. While looking to secure the window wells and at the same time maintain the great looks of one’s home these covers can save the day.