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Window wells are holes dug right outside a window particularly in sleeping areas or the basement. In recent years these structures have been adopted as an important safety standard by many building authorities across the world requiring all home owners and contractors to adopt them in their designs.

This code has actually been extended even to older houses which were constructed without these structures. This new found but belated interest in these structures although puzzling to most people is actually based on solid reasons touching on safety and security of the occupants.

Experts reveal that during an emergency occupants are usually trapped inside a building as most regular exits such as doors and windows tend to be tightly shut or fastened for security purposes. However with these wells which are supposed to be loosely shut at all times and thus requiring no tools to pry open especially during an emergency; the occupants life can actually be easily saved during serious emergencies such as a fire or in case of armed intruders.


To serve these and many other tasks relating to safety around the house manufacturers have endeavored to create many different types of such structures to fit a wide range of particular preferences, applications and even styles.

Metal wells

Most metals are extremely strong and can also be designed and fashioned to look great so as to compliment the overall look of the house. Commonly used metals include steel, aluminum and brass among others. Before purchasing a window wells metallic material though one should ensure that it is rust and corrosion free.


With the advent of industrialization there are numerous types of tough, great looking and highly versatile plastic materials in the market today that can perfectly serve as an ideal well construction material.

Bricks and concrete

These materials are particularly popular due to their ability to blend in perfectly with the rest of the house. In most cases concrete is usually creatively fashioned by a talented designer to further enhance its overall look.


Wood is a natural material that tends to greatly enhance the overall look of the entire house. When fitted with an appropriate cover these wells tend to greatly accentuate the house aesthetic value in some cases even improving its value.
These are just a few of the many materials that are usually used by most window wells professionals in the construction of these very useful and important structures.