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Basement window well covers are an important feature in modern day building and construction projects. Indeed in most cases the requirements for window wells actually makes more sense when considering the basement which is a room or rooms with particularly low lighting and serious safety challenges. In most cases the building codes requires contractors and home owners to ensure that all the windows in the basement are specially constructed to allow easy exit during an emergency and entry in case of rescue operations. To further secure these structures most experts have recommended the use of different types of covers for protection safety and even security at all times without compromising on the real purpose of the windows.

To this end manufacturers have endeavored to create many types of creatively designed covers that are designed to not only serve these important roles but also improve the overall look of the entire house. The following are some of the most common and popular types of covers used by most contractors and home owners across the country.


Low profile covers

In recent years the basement window wells covers sub industry has really grown by leaps and bounds and this has led to an increase in the types of covers available in the market today. The low profile covers is actually a generic term applying to a wide range of ingeniously designed structures from various manufacturers in this industry. These covers are usually constructed to lay flat on the ground and are particularly useful in cases where the entire basement window well is underground. This particular design should only apply a clear material that allows in as much light as possible especially since the basement will tend to be completely underground.

The grate covers

This is a rudimentary and very basic well cover that only keeps large particles or debris from falling into the wells. Although it can keep small children or pets from falling into the well and thus injuring themselves it is completely incapable of keeping of other types of debris, water and even dirt.

Bubble covers

These are basement window wells covers that are usually used when part of the window protrudes above the ground. Given the design of most homes this is definitely the most popular type of cover used in most homes. By using an appropriate material this type of covering can be very effective regardless of the weather or environment.