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Window well covers are specially made structures that are used to cover window wells which in turn are small dig outs outside a window especially in the basement. Although window wells were not an important building code requirements in the past this has since changed as experts have come to realize the importance of these structures.

Today it would be impossible to build a house in any place without these handy structures which should particularly be fitted in all sleeping areas such as bedrooms and the basement rooms. Although the reason for these wells and their covers may not be obvious to a majority of people they actually present some very attractive benefits that tend to be very significant in everyday living. The following are some of the most popular advantages that one stands to enjoy by fitting an appropriate cover over their window wells.



Window well covers are usually designed using an appropriate material such as steel or plastic to ensure that the window well is properly covered. In most cases window wells can actually be very deep posing a potential health and safety hazard for one and their family members.

Indeed while left open one can accidentally step on the well and break a bone or pull some muscles. Worse still young children can fall into the window wells causing untold panic and worry. To avoid such an eventuality most home owners and property managers ensure that they fit any window wells near bedrooms or the basement with a strong study and appropriate cover.


Although window wells are usually constructed primarily for safety this feature can actually work against the home owner when these opening are used by intruders to gain access to the house. Many people have been unpleasantly surprised by a burglar who gained access of the home through these window wells especially because they are supposed to be fitted for easy access during emergencies. To avoid this most home owners tend to cover these structures very well at all times with appropriate window well covers that will not also jeopardize the safety features of the house.


Given that window wells are basically holes in the ground most home owners seek to improve the visual appeal of these structures by fitting them with very attractive window well covers. These covers are actually a great way to improve the overall look of the house especially since they are on the outside. By using some materials such as glass and clear plastic this covers tend to transform the overall look of the house making it more attractive and elegant. While looking to remodel a house for any purpose especially reselling; these structures can considerably improve its value ensuring that one gets the profits they were looking for.

Keep clean

Although window wells are extremely important in ensuring the overall safety and allowing much needed light into areas such as the basement they can also harbor a lot of undesirable debris and even small animals. Most people have been confronted with a family of squirrel’s or cats living in these windows wells which tend to cause a whole new challenge for the home owner.

Furthermore with time debris, water and even weeds tend to grow in these wells blocking out the light and even overgrowing right into the house. Apart from the obvious visual degradation of the entire house this can cause the breeding of dangerous insects and pests.

The importance of maintaining strong, transparent and appropriate window well covers cannot be understated especially given the many ills that these structure tend to single handedly keep off ones home at all times.