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A Basement window well cover is a highly specialized structure that tend to cover the basement window wells usually constructed for better lighting, ventilation and overall safety of the house. In most cases these structures are specially chosen to meet a certain set of high safety and security standards that have to be met especially in the modern building industry. Basements tend to be very unique as they are the designated escape routes used by a buildings occupants or by rescuers to gain access to the building in case of any emergencies.

Therefore to ensure that these unique roles are not compromised one should ensure that they follow some very important standards while choosing the material, design and even size of the covers used. The following is a list of important features that one should always look out for in these covers at all times.



Any basement window well cover should be made from a material that is as strong and sturdy as possible. This is to ensure that these covers are not exploited by intruders such as burglars as weak points of entry into ones home at any time. Additionally by using the right material one can enjoy more safety for their small children and even pets who are unlikely to fall into the hollow wells by accident. To achieve this the materials used to make these structures should be very strong such as the various types of metals, hard plastic such as polycarbonates and glasses such as Plexiglas.


In most cases the basement has no natural lighting which can make it very hard to use for regular home activities. However with an ideal basement window well cover which covers a hollow dug out made for more illumination this is usually easily solved. To ensure that the light into the basement is as much as possible one should use a material that allows in lots of sunlight at all times such as glass, some types of plastics and some specially treated metals.