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One of the best options to make money out of a website is to use Google Ads (Formerly known as Adwords). If you are not using an ad-blocker, you should be able to see Google ads appearing on our websites, mostly on the right panel. But those advertisements by themselves do not generate money unless you manage to build a relevant audience and visitors for your website.

One of the best ways to build up a constant flow of visitors is to have a good Google search results ranking, and for that, we need to make sure we have optimized the website for better search engine ranking or as they call it to have a good “Search Engine Optimization (SEO)” plan in place.

To achieve the above, we have hired the services of “Smart SEO Hosting” for our web hosting needs. What the team behind Smart SEO hosting does is that they make sure that their servers follow the latest technology and also provide zero footprint hosting.

One of the techniques SEO experts use is to build a strong backlink network to our site. They also should make sure that those links do not share any footprints to avoid any negative SEO impacts. Here is when the job of the web hosting provider comes into the picture.

We have been using their service for more than five years, and If you are here and reading this article and that you find our site on Google or Bing, there is a good chance we owe that privilege to the excellent job of the guys at our SEO hosting provider.

What they offer besides the great SEO design is their vast network of IPs from 120+ different datacenters, all around the world. In other words, you can easily find a server that is closer to where your audience, and yes, that is also an essential ranking factor too.